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As companies continue to experience significant growth levels in Africa post the 2008 global economic recession, we stand ready to partner with resilient companies in their quest to raise more capital through either the equity or debt markets.


Our in-depth knowledge of the local financial markets, puts us in a unique position to offer superior Capital Market Advisory solutions to companies looking to raise capital. BonaventureCo assists clients with IPOs (Initial Public Offering), issuing new shares, share buybacks and debt issues.


Africa is the next economic frontier. This resurgence has at its core the continents’ growing middle class which is animated by a once youthful population gradually coming of age.

Such growth not seen anywhere else comes with strong and increasing demand for not only products of primary necessity but also goods and services that define a true middle class. The demand for individual, corporate and institutional credit instruments reflect this trend. Investors looking for safety, capital appreciation, tax advantages or income will not be disappointed with what is on offer in this investment class on the continent.

BonaventureCo’s experience and expertise in credit products, its presence on the ground and reputable team members gives it the ability to assist investors both foreign and local. This assistance/partnership enables client’s understand, measure and leverage proprietary research to invest in the best fixed income products available.