Our Investment Banking Division covers the following key industries:

  • Consumer and Retail
  • Energy and Power
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Real Estate and Gaming
  • Technology
  • Media and Telecoms.

Our financial advice is tailormade and customized to meet the short and long term needs of our clients. Our products include:

Capital Markets: Our advisory business is built to partner with and assist large corporations in identifying and resolving complex capital needs. Our highly trained and exceptionally competent team of bankers are ready to guide companies into the young  African exchanges and other international markets such as the London and New York stock  exchanges to secure financing solutions through either Private Placements, Equity or Debt Capital. We will assist companies from the beginning to the end of the capital raising process and the structuring of capital.

Public Finance: Local and state governments continue to use tax revenues as the main source of cash for infrastructural development. The domain of public finance though not new in Africa is gradually becoming an efficient method for governments to raise funds needed to build local communities. Infrastructure such as: roads, schools, libraries, hospitals and other critical facilities can now be financed by the public through the open market. Our team is well structured to assist government agencies, cities and states raise the funds through Public Finance strategies for long and short term projects which have the ability to pay for themselves. Assisting the government realize these projects through well structured financial solutions ties in with our vision of partnering with local actors to develop the communities in which we do business. These projects will have the potential of employing indigenes, providing much needed amenities to the local population thereby improving overall standard of living and quality of life.

Mergers & Acquisitions: As companies continue to look for nonorganic growth strategies, our expert bankers in M & A are ready  to assist and partner with companies looking to grow either via mergers with complementary businesses, the divestment of a non-core lines of business or acquiring new subsidiaries. Our experts will provide fairness valuations and other key resources which will give our customers the right framework needed to make growth decisions.

Restructuring and Recapitalization: The global economy is showing signs of recovery. This notwithstanding, many companies are still in need of restructuring and recapitalization. Our experts are well versed with the complex restructuring process,¬†law(s) in force¬†and will assist boards, shareholders and investor‚Äôs carryout an orderly restructure or liquidation of their assets. In order for existing companies to better position for growth and resurgence, our firm will work with restructured companies to capture new investment capital through recapitalization. Our bankers are ready to¬†assist¬†either debtors¬†or creditors through the daunting restructuring and recapitalization processes. It is our objective to give our clients an unfair advantage by making sure their investments are secured and its value preserved as much as possible through the restructuring process. The¬†level¬†of experience, integrity and honesty in our¬†approach will go a long way to achieving our clients’ goals.