Press Release (October 13th 2015)

Nomination: Best Africa Private Equity Advisory Team – Cameroon 2015

Bonaventure & Co LLC is pleased to announce its nomination and shortlisting today (October 13th 2015) by following voting by ( readers, subscribers, visitors to its website and their contributors – including the World Bank, EU, IMF, IFC.

The Global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Awards 2015 set out to recognize excellence in economic zones and country destinations that contribute to sustainable economic development by facilitating the needs of foreign and domestic companies, allowing them to operate efficiently and profitably.

Award Criteria

The CFI award selection panel is using a wide range of criteria to help inform decisions regarding the awards, lending the critical eye of a collective 185 years of business journalism, corporate leadership and academia to the exhaustive information gathered by the award body’s own research team. Some of the more important factors taken into consideration were as follows:

  • Strength and quality of nominations
  • Location
  • Economic potential
  • Overall cost effectiveness
  • Quality of labour force
  • Tax regime
  • Red tape
  • Incentives offered
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Use of modern technologies
  • Innovation
  • Quality of life
  • Attractiveness for SMEs
  • Good governance
  • Security
  • Sustainability (business, environment, social)
  • Community engagement and CSR